They may be from Atlanta, but don't be fooled, the fiery brass- and rock & soul infused music emanating from the band is rooted in blues, Motown, and Memphis soul. The music has been branded as "deeply soulful" with hints of Motown roots. The rhythmic wheelhouse combines big-city grit and down-home sweetness covered with dirty Southern sassy soul. 

"Our music is loud, fun, and is supposed to make you feel good and wanna' dance, that's the goal".  The band MIXTAPE delivers a joyful brand of funky music that’s best described as rock & roll that makes you want to dance. Like many good bands, they blend a handful of everything, and like the best of them, they find a way to turn it into something that’s completely their own. 

"Deep, timeless hits. Stax-style Southern soul. Uplifting Motown-channeling anthems. Atlanta’s own MIXTAPE are the heirs to the thrones of the old-school masters. But they’re much more than just a group of revivalists trying to create a period piece. Powerhouse singers they will settle for nothing less than bringing these classic sounds glimmering into the now with a fresh new modern sheen." 

"MIXTAPE has made a name for themselves captivating audiences with their stirring live performances. They’re a world-class modern soul revue topped off with the cherry of sultry voices, toggling  between sweetly crooned R&B tunes and expertly belted barn-burning get-downs that can instantly jolt a roomful of wallflowers into a wild dance party."

What's in your MIXTAPE?


"Thanks again for another great show, our clientele really do love you guys!"  Jenna - Dry County Brewery

"You guys rocked it and made our special Day even more special!!!" G.D. wedding

"They came and blew the lid off the place! We love this timeless rockin' music of The Soul Reunion!"  BO - DAS BBQ Catering & Events


"You took our very special evening to a whole different level. Your song selection was perfect all the way down to your outfits. We will not forget this party anytime soon!!!"  Ansley - LIVE WIRE


"I have never heard vintage soul music like this played this well in a long time"  George K - The Historic DeSoto Theater


Fayette Music Festival

Fayette Music Festival