MIXTAPE, the band, has made quite a name for themselves time-hopping all over the Southeast and captivating audiences with their stirring live performances. The band has become know for their "Las Vegas" style shows themed to an era of music and  painted with production quality that rivals that of any professional touring act. They have performed at just about every concert space, event facility, and festival in the Southeast, thrilling their audiences and helping them jump back in time.

The performers are charismatic, engaging and fun and they LOVE entertaining and putting smiles on faces.  Many of the band members have toured professionally with national acts in both music and musical theater. Their upcoming show concept for 2021 is a time hop into the 80s paying tribute to the soundtracks of the biggest movies of that time.  Remember The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Rocky, Flashdance, St. Elmo's Fire?  Join us, by hopping into a magical musical universe we call MIXTAPE.

What was  in your MIXTAPE?

Inquiries: jeff@mixtapeatl.com

Jeff Brown

Kimberly Eslinger

Emily Poolos

Jon Gallagher

Jesse Baker

Earl Williams

Dan Brothers

CJ McClain

Amy Aguilar