The show Higher & Higher was a Las Vegas style music revue that the band produced, performed, and toured in historic theaters across the Southeast between 2018-2020 before the pandemic hit. Most shows were completely sold out and it lifted the hearts and souls of many fans!

Show Description:

"Higher and Higher, a rock and soul revue, faithfully recreates the one-of-a-kind sounds that hit the airwaves in the 1960’s & 70’s. Those songs changed our culture forever. This exhilarating show charts the timeless hits of Jackie Wilson, Diana Ross, Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Ike and Tina, Sam and Dave, and so many more. Featuring all the classics you love, Higher and Higher, tells the story behind these hits as these artist fought against odds to create a soundtrack that would change America. This era of music shattered barriers, shaped our lives, and made us all move to a collective beat. Now experience the next electrifying chapter in the story."

MIXTAPE has made a name for themselves captivating audiences with their energized live performances. They’re a world-class modern soul revue of sultry voices, toggling between sweetly crooned R&B tunes and expertly belted barn-burning get-downs that will instantly jolt a roomful of wallflowers into a wild dance party.